Shopping = Visits, Visits = Extras
Every time you shop London Drugs you can earn Visits. The more Visits you earn, the more rewards, offers and experiences you’ll unlock.

Rewards Built Around You

When you use LDExtras, we learn more about what you like. This allows us to personalize your Extras so you get the rewards you want.
Explanation of extras and visits
Explanation of extras and visits

It pays to join LDExtras

Unlock these Primary Extras when you sign up:

Entry to win a $2500 monthly shopping spree – Now that’s a lot of retail therapy.

$5 birthday gift voucher – A gift you’re sure to love.

Extended 30-day returns – You’ll have more time to make sure your purchase is right for you.

Every $50 spent at London Drugs PhotoLab gets you a $3 off your next PhotoLab purchase.

You’ll also get instant access to special rewards, offers and experiences from your favourite brands, personalized just for you!

Unlock these Primary Extras with multiple Visits:

Every Visit = entry into a $2,500 monthly shopping spree.

Every 5 Visits = 2 free computer virus checks, plus 2 free firmware upgrades for your camera.

Every 10 Visits = $5 gift voucher for your next purchase.

First 10 Visits = 3 x $20 off coupons for any Purchase Protection Plan and free gift wrapping until the end of the following February.

Extras earned with multiple visits:

Table of earned extras

Sign up

Entries into our monthly $2,500 shopping spree with every purchase

$5 off on your birthday

30-day returns

$3 back on every $50 spent at PhotoLab

5 Visits

Free computer virus check

Camera firmware upgrades

10 Visits

Earn a $5 coupon for every 10 visits (of $10 or more)

Discounts on up to 3 Purchase Protection Plans

Free gift wrapping

Your personal LDExtras account

Your online LDExtras account makes it easy to track your Extras
Have a look at what Extras you’ve unlocked.
Find out how close you are to earning other Extras.
See which Extras you are closest to unlocking.

Table of earned extras Table of earned extras

Ready to redeem an Extra?

You have 3 easy options for claiming your Extras.
  • 1. Show your Extra on your mobile device in-store.

    Mobile Device
  • 2.Print it out and present it at checkout in-store.

    Printer and paper
  • 3.Enter the promo code on your Extra at

    Laptop Computer