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Terms and Conditions

LDExtras Program
Terms and Conditions effective as of February 10, 2021

The London Drugs' LDExtras Program (also referred to as the “Program”) is an exciting customer rewards program offered by London Drugs. “Extras” are the benefits and rewards received by members that participate in the LDExtras Program. Membership is free and no purchase is required. As a member of the Program (“Member”), you will collect benefits and offers based on your purchases of eligible products at London Drugs stores or online at

By registering in the Program, and by your continued participation in it, you agree to these Terms and Conditions, including any amendments which may be made by London Drugs from time to time. You also agree to the Legal Terms concerning your use of the website and any mobile app provided by London Drugs (including our LDExtras app) (the "App"), as well as to our Privacy Policy and Security Policy & Cookie Notice.

At London Drugs we truly appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. We have created the LDExtras Program as a way to thank you for choosing to shop at London Drugs and to provide you with added benefits that we hope will be of real value to you.

  1. Eligibility, Registration and Membership
    The Program is open to anyone who is at least 16 years of age and a resident of Canada. Please visit the Program website at (the “Website”) to register.

    Registration will not be complete until you have set a password and activated your account online. Once your registration is complete, you will receive confirmation of your registration as a Member by email.

    As part of the registration process, you will be asked to provide your 10-digit phone number and a valid email address.  The phone number is used as your “Member Identifier” in the Program for any in-store purchases at any London Drugs store location. If you wish, you can provide another 10-digit number in the phone number field to be used as your Member Identifier. Your email address will be used as your Member Identifier for online purchases at 

    If you cannot provide a valid email address, we will create a fictitious one for you so that you may register in the Program, however we will then be unable to provide you with important Program communications or send to you Extras which you earn – to obtain those, you would  have to log on to your account at

    You may use either your email or your phone number provided during registration as your username to log on to your account on the Website. You will also be required to enter the password you set while completing your registration.

    You will only be able to access your LDExtras account after your Membership registration is complete.  Upon activation of your account, you will be eligible to accumulate Visits and earn Extras based on your Qualifying Purchases (see section B). You need to provide your Member Identifier at time of checkout to qualify a purchase as a Qualifying Purchase.   

    Note that there is no “loyalty card” issued in conjunction with this Program, however a virtual card is available on and on the App available at the iTunes store or on Google Play.

    Omitting mandatory or providing inaccurate information required to complete registration may be grounds for denial or termination of membership in the Program and/or cancellation of any Extras collected at the discretion of London Drugs.

  2. Qualifying Purchases

    Qualifying Purchases” are purchases of products made by a Member who provides their Member Identifier at time of purchase, excluding ineligible products set out below.

    For the purposes of the Program, the following items are not eligible as a Qualifying Purchase:  London Drugs gift cards, event ticket sales, parking vouchers, lottery tickets, transit passes, optometry services, all products containing tobacco, purchases at Canada Post kiosks, stamps, marriage licenses, Insurance Department purchases, all taxes and levies,  and any other items not permitted by applicable laws or legal obligations. London Drugs may periodically revise or determine that other items are ineligible as a Qualifying Purchase in its sole discretion and without prior notice.  Prescribed medication and devices are excluded, but may fall within the definition of a “Qualifying Prescription” shown below.

  3. Collecting “Visits”
    Certain benefits for the Program (also known as Extras) are collected based on the number of “Visits” that you have accumulated. Visits will begin to accumulate upon your successful registration in the LDExtras Program.

    Under the Program, you earn a Visit :

      1. each day you make Qualifying Purchases which alone or together total at least $10.00 (before taxes) at one specific location (i.e. a London Drugs store location or online at; or
      2. where there is a Qualifying Prescription (only in provinces of Manitoba & Saskatchewan); or
      3. during Bonus Visit Events

    Note that you cannot earn more than one Visit per day at the same London Drugs location, other than a Bonus Visit for a Qualifying Prescription or Bonus Visits awarded during Bonus Visit events.

    You can earn more than 1 Visit per day by making Qualifying Purchases that total at least $10.00 (before taxes) at different London Drugs locations.

    A “Qualifying Prescription” is a prescription filled by London Drugs for medication or devices prescribed by a medical professional, but excludes any prescriptions filled in the provinces of BC or AB or which are otherwise not permitted under applicable laws or specific insurance plans for inclusion in the Program. You cannot have more than one Qualifying Prescription per day at the same store location.

    Bonus Visits: You will earn a Bonus Visit for every London Drugs store where, on a single day, you have completed at least one Qualifying Prescription. For all scoring purposes, a Bonus Visit is counted as a regular Visit. You can also earn Bonus Visits during special Bonus Visit events.

    Example 1: In a single day you make a Qualifying Purchase of $7.00 at a London Drugs location, and later that same day you make a Qualifying Purchase of $5.00 at the same London Drugs location - you will then earn one (1) Visit. The sum of the Qualifying Purchases you made at the same store on the same day is $12 (which is greater than the required minimum of $10.00).

    Example 2: In a single day you fill a Qualifying Prescription at a London Drugs location (outside of BC and AB) - then you will earn one (1) Visit plus one (1) Bonus Visit, for a total of two (2) Visits.

    Example 3: In a single day you make a Qualifying Purchase of $30 at a London Drugs store location, place an order and pay for a purchase for $85, and fill a Qualifying Prescription (outside of BC and AB) at a second London Drugs store location - you will then earn three (3) Visits plus one (1) Bonus Visit for a total of four (4) Visits.

    Your updated Visit count can be viewed in your profile on the WebsiteVisits will normally be posted to your LDExtras account within one (1) week of a Qualifying Purchase and more typically, within three (3) days. All Visit counts shown on the Website will be deemed correct unless a claimed discrepancy can be substantiated by the Member to the satisfaction of London Drugs, in its sole discretion. Discrepancies must be addressed to London Drugs’ Customer Service in a participating store or via the Website’s “Contact Us” link (either using the Contact Us form, or by email or phone), within three (3) months of the transaction date.

  4. Earning Extras
    Members in the Program will earn Extras based on the number and timing of Visits earned. There are a number of pre-determined Extras (“Primary Extras”) you can earn as part of the Program. The terms and conditions specific to each Primary Extra are outlined below (see Section E), and may also be set out on the Website or in any email or coupon sent to you relating to such Extra. All Primary Extras are earned on accumulated Visits from the date of your completed registration. You will be advised via email or through the Website on your progress towards earning Extras.
  5. Extras Redemption Terms and Conditions
    Extras coupons, gift vouchers and special offers (referred to generally as “coupons”) will be sent to you by email or shown in your “My Extras” or “Gift Voucher Total” section of the LDExtras website. The individual coupons need to be presented in print or on mobile versions and used in conjunction with your Member Identifier at point-of-sale. Extras coupons will expire on the date shown on the coupon.If no date is shown, the coupon will expire on the last day of February which first occurs not less than 12 months from the date they are earned. Certain Extras are only redeemable in person at participating London Drugs stores (and not for online purchases). Extras which can be redeemed online will contain an Online Promo Code in the applicable coupon

    Extras which are earned “upon annual accumulation” of a specified number of Visits, can only be earned once within each Program Year Program Year” means a 12-month period of the LDExtras Program which commences on March 1 and ends on the last day of February of the following calendar year.  

    The terms set out in this Section E apply to all coupons unless expressly otherwise stated on the coupon itself, the Website or in these Terms and Conditions.

    Extras available upon successful registration in the Program

    1. One chance to enter to win the next monthly $2500 shopping spree contest.
      • Upon successful registration in the Program, you will automatically be entered into the contest for a chance to win.  Contest rules may be found here.
        Chances of winning will depend on the number of eligible entries received.
      • The monthly selection will be held on or near the 10th day of each month with all entries based on Visits during the previous month. Entries received after the closing of the month will automatically be entered in the draw for the following month.
      • The entry count for each Member will be reset to zero after the processing of transactions from the previous month.
      • If you are selected as a potential winner of the shopping spree, you will be contacted by London Drugs and required to successfully answer a skill testing question and sign a Declaration and Release confirming compliance with the full set of contest rules in order to receive the shopping spree. If the selected winner is under the age of majority, that Member’s legal guardian will be required to sign the Declaration and Release.
    2. Additional chances to enter the monthly $2500 shopping spree will be earned with additional Visits during that month to a maximum of 5 entries per day.
      • A chance to enter to win the monthly $2,500 shopping spree is earned for each Visit earned (up to a maximum of 5 entries per day).   The terms shown above under part 1 apply to all monthly $2500 shopping spree contests.
    3. $5 Birthday Voucher
      • In celebration of your Birthday, we will add a $5 top-up to your gift voucher total which you can use towards a future purchase. Approximately one (1) week prior to the birth date you provided in your registration profile, you will receive an email notifying you of your $5 top up. Your $5 birthday  voucher can automatically be redeemed at point-of-sale upon provision of your valid Member ID or it can be redeemed online using the online promo code provided in your gift voucher account summary.
      • $5 birthday vouchers can be used for in store purchases in whole or in part until their value is reduced to zero.  $5 birthday vouchers used for online purchases can only be used once and any unused value is void. $5 birthday vouchers have no cash value.
    4. $3 coupon for every $50 spent on photofinishing
      • With the accumulation of photofinishing purchases, when you’ve reached $50, you will receive a $3 coupon to be used towards any future photofinishing purchases.
      • Upon earning a $3 coupon, your future purchase accumulation will begin to accumulate again.
      • $3 photofinishing coupons can only be used once and have no cash value. Any unused value is void.
      • Your $3 photofinishing coupon will expire 12 months after it is issued.
    5. Extended period for product returns by 15 days
      • With every purchase that includes your Member Identifier and a valid receipt, you’ll be eligible for an extended product return period of up to 30 days from date of purchase (normal return period is 15 days), subject to verification by London Drugs staff . Other further limitations and restrictions may apply, depending on the product and its condition on return. Certain products may be ineligible for return.

    6. Beauty Rewards
      • Automatically receive (one) 1 progression when you spend the qualifying amount on a participating beauty brand. Once you reach the required number of progressions for the participating beauty brand, you can unlock either: (1) Instant Savings, or (2) Free Gift, as determined by the beauty brand.

      • Instant Savings:  A one-time dollar amount off your next purchase of the participating beauty brand. You may redeem one Instant Savings coupon per transaction at point of sale upon provision of your valid Member ID.  To redeem online, your purchase must exceed the value of the Instant Savings.

      • Free Gift: Receive at no cost one of the participating beauty brand’s products up to a certain value.You may redeem your Free Gift coupon at point of sale upon provision of your valid Member ID.  To redeem online, a merchandise purchase is required and you will add the selected product you want as your Free Gift. The Free Gift coupon will be provided in your account summary and can be applied at checkout to your selected Free Gift. Only one item may be redeemed as your Free Gift.Multiple items equaling the value of the Free Gift cannot be combined in a single transaction.

      • Qualifying amounts will be calculated by reference to the pre-tax total in a single transaction. You can earn multiple progressions in a single transaction but any unused progression balances for a participating beauty brand will be forfeited and cannot be transferred. Participating beauty brands and products are subject to change or termination by London Drugs in its sole discretion at any time and without notice.  You may only redeem one Instant Savings or Free Gift per transaction. Once you use an Instant Savings or Free Gift coupon, it cannot be re-used and any unused value is void.  The Instant Savings and Free Gift have no cash value and are non-transferable.

    Extras available upon annual accumulation of five (5) Visits

    1. Free Virus Check for your computer
      • Upon the accumulation of your first five (5) Visits in the Program Year, you will receive coupons for two (2) free virus checks for your computer by one of our certified, skilled technicians. Only two free virus check coupons can be earned in each Program Year. Call or visit the computer department of your choice in advance to book your appointment.
    2. Free Camera firmware upgrade
      • Upon the accumulation of your first five (5) Visits in the Program Year, you will receive two (2) free camera firmware upgrades by one of our certified, skilled technicians. Only two free camera firmware upgrade coupons can be earned in each Program Year. Call or visit the photo department of your choice in advance to book your appointment.

    Extras available upon each accumulation of ten (10) Visits

    1. $5 ten (10) Visit voucher
      • Upon each accumulation of ten (10) Visits, we will add a $5 top-up your gift voucher total for use at London Drugs. Upon earning your $5 10 Visit  voucher, you will receive an email notifying you of your $5 top up, which  can automatically be redeemed at point-of-sale upon provision of your valid Member ID or it can be redeemed online using the online promo code provided in your gift voucher account summary.
      • $5 10 Visit vouchers can be used for in store purchases in whole or in part until their value is reduced to zero. $5 10 Visit vouchers used for online purchases can only be used once and any unused value is void. $5 10 Visit vouchers have no cash value.

    Extras available upon annual accumulation of ten (10) Visits

    Upon accumulation of ten (10) Visits in a single Program Year you will receive:

    1. $20 savings for any Purchase Protection Plan
      • three (3) coupons for up to $20 off  future purchases of a London Drugs Purchase Protection Plan. These coupons can only be used in-store (not online) and are only available for products to which the London Drugs Purchase Protection Plan is available, up to a maximum value of $20. 
      • These coupons can only be used once and have no cash value.  Any  unused value is void.
    2. Free gift wrapping services
      • a coupon for free gift wrapping service for London Drugs purchases. Present your coupon at a participating store with your purchase and receipt to reserve the service and then just pick up your purchase when ready. We provide the gift wrap, ribbon and tags. 
      • Your gift wrapping coupon can be used multiple times until its expiry at the end of the Program Year.
      • London Drugs is not liable for any merchandise unclaimed after 30 days.

  6. Additional Offers
    From time to time, London Drugs may provide additional Extras, bonuses and personalized offers, rewards, automatic contest entries and benefits (“Personal Extras”). Eligibility for Personal Extras will be determined by London Drugs in its sole discretion, and these may be subject to additional terms and conditions.
  7. Privacy
    When you register for the Program, London Drugs will collect certain personal information including your name, telephone number, email, gender, birthdate, address (city, province & postal code) and, at your option, street address and certain preferences and interests.

    London Drugs may use the information you provide, as well as gather and use information about the shopping and purchasing behaviour of Members, for the following purposes (“Purposes”): to administer and manage the Program and your participation in it; to create and provide Extras to you; to improve and personalize the Program and Extras for Members; to better understand Member interests and preferences; to expand and improve upon services offered to Members through the Program; to better understand and serve customers of London Drugs generally; and to improve product recommendations, online user experience and provide new or improved services, benefits or offers of Members while on (which may require Member to also have an account on that website).

    Members may receive Extras, Program updates, special offers and other related materials through the Website, the App, email, text, mail, or phone, subject to Member preferences.

    During registration, you will have the option to receive additional emails containing Personal Extras exclusive to Members, along with news, events, promotions and benefits related to London Drugs and the Program. We strongly encourage Members to opt-in to receive such emails in order to enjoy the full benefits of Program Membership! You can unsubscribe at any time. Note that even if you do not opt-in for these additional emails, Members will still receive some emails necessary for administration of the Program, including emails containing the Primary Extras you have earned and Program notices and status updates.

    Members who register for the App will have the ability to expressly opt-in to receive push or text notifications. Those Members may receive Personal Extras not available to other Members of the Program. You may withdraw your consent to receive such notifications at any time by toggling off "notifications" within the App settings or by locating the App in the settings of your mobile device and unclicking or unchecking notifications.

    Your information will be protected at all times by London Drugs. London Drugs will never sell or rent your information to anyone for any reason. Under strict conditions and safeguards, London Drugs may allow access to Member information to trusted vendors, partners, and service providers (“trusted partners”) in connection with the Purposes.

    Anonymized or aggregated data of Members may be used by London Drugs and accessed by trusted partners for analytic purposes, to better understand customer behavior and preferences, to improve how London Drugs merchandises and promotes products; to measure success of promotional offers and events; and to create more a meaningful shopping experience and improved offers, marketing and promotional events for customers.

    Through the use of automatic data tracking technologies, London Drugs may share non personally identifiable information about LDExtras members with third party service and advertising providers, to serve up relevant online interest based ads (“OBA”) through their advertising platforms.

    London Drugs may share information in a de-identified manner that LDExtras members have voluntarily provided (such as email address, phone number, name, city or postal code) with social networking platforms we work with, like Google and Facebook, to create custom audiences for OBA. No personal information is transferred from London Drugs to the social networking platforms; instead unique hashed values are produced that these platforms can match to information their own users have provided directly to them. The platform can then create custom audiences to serve ads for OBA purposes. London Drugs does not know the identity of any individuals included in custom audiences created for OBA on social networking platforms.

    For more details around privacy, security, tracking technologies and OBA, please see London Drugs’ Privacy Policy and Security Policy & Cookie Notice.

    You can contact us or otherwise communicate your privacy concerns by:

    Calling us at 1-866-805-8283 (toll-free for Canada, call between 8:30-5:00 Pacific Time)
    Emailing us at
    Writing us at the address below:

    Chief Privacy Officer
    London Drugs Limited
    12831 Horseshoe Place
    Richmond, BC, V7A 4X5

  8. Program Modifications
    London Drugs reserves the right to cancel, suspend, modify or amend the Program, Extras or these Terms and Conditions at any time, retroactive or otherwise, with or without prior notice. Changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date of posting unless stated otherwise. You are solely responsible to check the Website from time to time for any changes or updates to the Program, Extras and Terms and Conditions.
  9. Taxation
    Any applicable federal, provincial, and local taxes connected to benefits received or perceived to be received by the Member through the Program are the sole responsibility of the Program Member. London Drugs will not be responsible for any tax consequences which may flow from participation in the Program.
  10. Governing Law, Dispute Resolution & Limit of Liability
    These Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and, where applicable, the laws of Canada. All decisions regarding the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of London Drugs, and shall be final and binding in all respects. To report an apparent discrepancy, or to inquire with respect to your standing in the Program, please contact Customer Service. If you disagree with any amendments to the Program, Extras or to these Terms and Conditions, your sole recourse is to cease participation in the Program.

    By participating in the Program, you (and your parent or legal guardian if you are under age of majority) agree to release London Drugs and any related companies, service providers  or third party that may participate in the Program (as a participant or in administration, operation or other  capacity) and each of their respective officers, directors, representatives, successors and assigns, from any loss, liability, claim, demand, damage or expense arising due to your participation in the Program, the awarding or redemption or any Extras, usage of the Website or otherwise in connection with the Program.

    Notwithstanding any other section in these Terms and Conditions, in no event shall London Drugs’ liability with respect to the Program and benefits and offers provided through the Program, including without limit liability for negligence or breach of contract, be greater than the value of any Extras claimed at the time the dispute arose. Any proceedings related to the Program shall be brought exclusively in the courts in the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia and orders of such BC courts shall be binding on London Drugs and Program Members.

    Where permitted under applicable law, you and London Drugs agree that each may bring claims against the other only in your or its individual capacity and not as a plaintiff or class member in any purported class action.   Unless both you and London Drugs agree, no judge may consolidate more than one person’s claims or otherwise preside over any form of class proceedings.  

  11. General Terms and Conditions
    • Visits and Extras have no cash value and cannot be purchased, sold or exchanged for cash or credit.
    • Extras are non-transferable, and not redeemable for cash. 
    • Visits cannot be combined with cash to obtain an Extra, and neither Visits or Extras can be earned from or transferred to any other account or rewards program.
    • Only one Membership is available per customer.
    • Members should not share their Member Identifier and account information with anyone else. Extras apply only to the individual Member account holder. Account information, including, but not limited to, the Member Identifier should be protected and kept secure.
    • Extras will expire upon the date stated in the applicable coupon, in these Terms and Conditions or on the Website.
    • If a Member does not associate their Member Identifier (typically the phone number or, for online purchases, the email address) with a purchase for a period of 365 days, the Membership will be deemed inactive and all Visits and unused Extras will be forfeited at London Drugs’ discretion.
    • Program Members have no ownership interest in accumulated Visits, and accumulated Visits do not constitute property of the Members. Use of the word “earn” in marketing materials in relation to the Program shall mean “collect” and shall not infer that the Visits have any value.
    • Upon the death of a Member, or termination or cancellation of Membership or the Program for any reason, all Visits and unused Extras will be immediately forfeited and of no further use.
    • This Program or any part thereof is void where prohibited by federal, provincial or local law.  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, the provision will be deemed null and void, and the remaining provisions will remain in effect.
    • Despite our best efforts to ensure accuracy, errors occasionally occur. London Drugs reserves the right to correct such errors at any time, without liability, even if it affects Visit accumulation or Extras granted.
    • London Drugs reserves the right to cease mailing, emailing, texting or sending by push notification any Extras, Program updates and related materials to any Member.
    • Fraud or abuse relating to the collection of Visits or usage of Extras will result in your forfeiture of all accumulated Visits and any unused Extras, as well as termination of your Program Membership.
    • London Drugs reserves the right to pursue legal action in the event of fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of these Program Terms and Conditions.
    • From time to time, participation in the Program or any part of the Program or any Extras, may be limited to specific geographic limits or other conditions.
    • Members may terminate their membership in the Program at any time by calling 1-888-991-2299.
  12. Questions?
    Any questions regarding the Program, your Program account or Extras can be directed to the LDExtras Customer Service Centre at 1-888-991-2299 or